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As summer winds down, I’m thrilled to share one of the most exciting parts of my summer with you. These high-rise, cropped, patterned wonders were a purchase made while I was in Tokyo in June. The moment I saw them, I knew that they were coming home with me. While they’re certainly not an everyday garment, they’re pretty amazing. Hence—Japants.

The bag was a thrifty find in Shanghai at the Tanzifang markets. Another world traveller…

Today’s Photographer: Rebecca—I’m pretty sure.

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Green Team

So, this is the first outfit that I’ve posted since like January. It’s been a busy 2013, and blogging simply had to take a back seat. I’m back at it now, though with less attempted frequency. I’ll select the outfits to share more diligently, and hopefully give you something exciting to check out (when you check out daily haberdashery). It just might be less “daily”…

Here’s an outfit that I put together for a very ordinary work day. But one in which I wanted to rock this summery tie.

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Bow Tied Paradise

What I love about this outfit is that it somehow remains subtle, despite my decision to pair a patterned bow-tie with a patterned shirt, and to wear coloured pants, and bright socks. But I think that’s sometimes what style is all about—integrating the loud with the soft, the subtle with the brave, making a statement while whispering. You know?

Today’s Photographer: Sam, who found some amazing angles with this photoset, right before we found some amazing lunch.

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A Pop of Yellow

Though this looks like the weather we’re having now, this photoset was actually taken just before the snow starting to fall all winter long. I’m still very behind in getting these posts up. 

But this is also a pretty decent spring look—winter-y sweater with a light jacket and bright shoes. Just a pop of yellow to let us know that spring is around the corner…

Today’s Photographer: Rebecca

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