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Fine and Dandy Indeed

Before I leave my New York blogging behind (and let’s just say that I will be releasing a few extra outfits that were created in New York once May Days are over), I wanted to mention an amazing experience that I had in the Brooklyn Flea Market. The market itself is amazing, but while there I was lucky enough to meet the guys from Fine and Dandy Shop. These guys are the pinnacle of perfectly put-together, so naturally I flocked to them, despite my dressed down approach to market shopping. After a bit of talking, I handed them my nifty blog moocard, and they said that they already followed me. As it turns out, I already follow them. And you should too: http://charleshenry.tumblr.com.

The internet just became for real. It was a pretty wild moment. Either way, not all of the items shown are from their shop, but you should check out their online store at www.fineanddandyshop.com. The stuff is incredible, and worth a look around. In my photo above, the Crown lapel pin and the rifle tie clip are both from these guys. And they’re awesome.

Also—this is not a paid endorsement (though I wouldn’t be opposed to it gentlemen… <nudge nudge>). I really just love their style and their approach to making accessories work. So there you go. A little something to do on this rainy long weekend. 

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